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  • To create and strengthen corporate product excellence through innovation of technology research and talents development.
  • Quanta Research Institute is strategically positioned within Quanta Group in technology research and product research to identify and accelerate next-generation technologies that can be rapidly and tightly integrated into the product development chain of all business units.
  • To ensure worldwide leadership status through technology innovation and forward-looking corporate culture, QRI has collaborated with leading institutions around the globe in numerous cutting-edge research fields, including high performance computing algorithm, large bandwidth mobile communication, and more intuitive human interface. Working with the likes of MIT, National Taiwan University, Computing Center of Academia Sinica, and National Center for High-Performance Computing, QRI has extended its reach to the current state of the art technologies. These include QRI's $200 million dollar project with MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) in developing the next-generation computing and communication platforms. Quanta is the sole strategic partner of MIT CSAIL.
  • Technology Research Initiatives
    • Mobile Multimedia SoC
    • Digital Imaging Processing Engine
    • Just Play (Configuration free ad hoc network for smart devices)
    • Trusted Virtual Storage and Computing
    • T-Net (Overlay networks for peer-to-peer communications)
    • Natural Interaction (Human centric interface by spoken and written input)
    • Blade Server-Based Grid Computing for Scientific Applications
  • Product Research Initiatives
    • Wireless Communication Technology and related applications
           (WiMax, UWB etc)
    • Digital Home Solution
    • Digital Mobile Computing Devices
    • Advanced Storage Systems(NAS, SAN, etc)