QCI Addresses News Report by United Evening News
 1.Name of the reporting media: Economic Daily News
2.Date of the report: 2011/09/21
3.Content of the report:
Quanta Computer To Shorten Manufacturing Manpower In Taiwan Due to
Poor Sales on Specific Customer’s Product
4.Summary of the information provided by investors: None
5.Company's explanation of the reportage or provided information:
In response to business contraction for specific customer,
Quanta Computer announced an alternative compensation offering on
9/20/2011 to full-time production line operators at the Taoyuan site.
Company would like to state that the production site in Taiwan accounts for
a small portion of the overall capacity and such compensation package is
limited to specific customer’s product line in Taiwan.
Thus, estimated impact on the company’s overall product, business and
financials is very limited. Company’s outlook and guidance for 3Q11 and
FY2011 remains intact.

6.Countermeasures: None
7.Any other matters that need to be specified: None