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Stakeholders Primary responsibilities for Quanta Computer Communication means and channels
and investors
  • Prompt response is made in accordance with the latest regulations and policy revisions governed by relevant authorities. Format and content of the firm’s information disclosure is also adjusted in accordance with regulation requirements
  • Provide real-time and accurate information in order to ensure the equality of information disclosure
  • Provide sustainable and steady dividend pay-out policy and generate adequate return on investment
  • Clear and steady financial strategy, uphold company creditability and strong business performance
  • Annual general shareholders’ meetings
  • Conduct conference calls and press conferences for institutional investors to announce quarterly financial reports and operational performance
  • Timely disclose important announcements and financial information on the Market Observation Post System of Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation and the Company’s website
  • In additional to publishing major event announcements on the Market Observation Post System and the Company’s website, the Company also issues news releases or hold press conferences from time to time pending on circumstances
  • An email and contact number are provided on the Company’s website in order to establish a comprehensive communication channel between the investors and the firm
  • A dedicated corporate IR (Investors Relations) department has been created
  • To hold face-to-face meetings or telephone conferences with domestic and overseas institutional investors on a regular basis
  • Provide the most competitive and high-quality products and services
  • Provide an integrated solution including service of design, production, and logistics as well as improve customer satisfaction
  • Form close, long-term, and trustworthy business partnerships with customers
  • Advocate employee’s responsibility for confidentiality and establish rules governing employees in situations when confronted by press
  • QBR(Quarterly Business Review)
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Technology forum and seminar
  • Meet customers’ requirements and inspections on product quality, environment, and responsibility; cooperate with customers on prevention and improvement
  • PIS – Advocacy and training of the rules governing employees in situations when confronted by press
  • Promote legitimate and fair trade
  • Understand environmental safety and health considerations and specifications
  • Understand and provide assistance to Quanta for fulfilling social responsibilities
  • Sign the Letter of Commitment to Environmental Protection
  • Products must be tested by the accredited public laboratories
  • Incoming inspection must be sampled and tested by the GP laboratory at Quanta
  • Green supply chain annual convention
  • Annual audit of suppliers and contractors
  • Ensure and respect human rights
  • Promote employee development
  • Provide legitimate and fair evaluation and treatment
  • Promote environmental health and safety
  • Flexible benefits programs and health promotion
  • Bridge communications between supervisor and colleagues through face-to- face meetings from time to time
  • Provide “70885 - please help me” staff service hotline and message bulletin
  • Provide “70695 – please try to understand me” Complaint of sexual harassment hotline and mailbox
  • Equipped with on-site medical care staff to provide employees with medical consultation services
  • Free annual health examination and consultation for employees
  • Quanta Elite School provides five major ELITE programs based on different job functions to provide occupational training, development and feedback
  • Employee satisfaction survey
  • Quanta Quarterly Newsletter and bimonthly journal
  • “Employee Assistance Program” personnel available at all production sites to provide instant support and feedback
  • Effective disaster and accident prevention and support
  • Continuously promoting knowledge sharing and culture affluence
  • Participate in various public welfare activitie
  • Quanta Culture & Education Foundation
  • Quanta Arts Foundation
  • Charity clubs at various manufacturing sites
  • Collecting community feedback
  • Maintain good interaction with competent authorities and participate in relevant seminars
  • Participation in external activities