Vision & Mission

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  • As technology advances at a staggering pace, it exerts a profound influence on people’s lives and usage behavior. We believe the core values of IT applications are to enhance business, individual life, and working style.
  • We will be dedicated to integrating software and hardware, providing solutions, meeting the demands of users, and constantly brining human-centric values to human society.
  • Strategic Guideline
  • Quanta plays the role of a social citizenship to constantly emphasize Strategic guidelines that are in-line with CSR, including:
    1. Constantly improving corporate governance and information transparency.
    2. Good communication and engagement with all stakeholders.
    3. Keeping up with the direction of international negotiations and category standards for new regulations.
    4. Paying close attention to the development of governing regulations.
    5. Through cloud computing, connectivity Technology, and client devices, the concepts of Balanced, Beneficial, and Brilliant are realized using digital sharing, service sharing, and cultural sharing.
    6. Enhancing carbon information disclosure or carbon footprint certification.
    7. Understand people’s daily needs, enhance R&D and design thinking. Materialize people-oriented technologies and services.
    8. Promoting energy education comprehensively, enhancing the environmental awareness of all staff to realize energy-saving and carbon-reduction practices.
    9. Broadening the application of international standards.