• Established in May 1988, Quanta Computer is a one of the Global Fortune 500 Companies and also one of the world’s leading notebook manufacturers. Aside from our leadership position in notebook manufacturing business, we have extended our reach to cloud computing business, enterprise network solutions, mobile communications products, smart home products, autotronics, smart healthcare, IoT, and AI applications to proactively expand the integrated deployment of our operation and explore new business opportunities. Aside from receiving positive recognition from customers on Quanta’s R&D capabilities on various projects, the Company was also recognized for Derwent Top 100 Global Innovators in 2019 and 2020, allowing us to implement various innovations and business opportunities with our R&D capacity and patent commercialization in the future.
  • With respect to user demands and future development of technology trends, we research and develop new products in the following areas: “Mobile Computing Solutions”, “Cloud Computing and Enterprise Network Solutions”, “Smart Healthcare Solutions”, “Telecommunication Next Generation Central Office (NGCO) Solutions”, “Smart Manufacturing and Smart Factory Solutions”, as well as “AR/VR Solutions”. New products develoipment in various areas include:
  • 1. Mobile Computing Solutions:
  • Enable users to connect to the Internet from anywhere and at any time, to synchronize data ubiquitously with various mobile devices and peripherals, such as notebook PCs and various smart mobile computing terminals. By integrating the key technology in wireless telecommunication networks and the Internet, we develop System On Chips (SOCs) suitable for the wireless communication of notebook PCs, Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) peripherals, wireless multimedia devices, and wireless information home appliances. We further develop small cells, millimeter microwave, sub-6G Hz access points, and Internet connection for Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) pending on the 5G deployment schedule.
  • 2. Cloud Computing and Enterprise Network Solutions:
  • With the “public cloud” market as the foundation, we provide IT infrastructure solutions for hyperscale data centers worldwide. At the same time, as global IT solutions are trending towards cloud computing, we also develop solutions based on the Open Source Architecture to meet enterprise demand for “private clouds” or “hybrid clouds” solutions. We provide high-performance and high-capacity enterprise network systems that support different interfaces, package exchange among different layers, wired and wireless intranet and extranet connections, cybersecurity and firewalls, dynamic bandwidth and service quality management. These include the Just a Bunch of Disks (JBOD) product series, the Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) product series, file server series, blade server series, and network switches, and rack architecture solutions.
  • 3. Home Entertainment and Smart Home Solutions:
  • We develop home multimedia smart entertainment products that support various multimedia applications, including home media centers; smart touch input systems for laptops, desktops, and thin client terminals; smart IoT controllers; sensors; smart speakers; and private servers for home.
  • 4. IoT Solutions:
  • Centered around users, we develop IoT solutions that connect technology to the daily life of people, including smart home gateways and sensor hubs that cover applications for wearable products, smart healthcare, and smart homes. Wearable products include trackers that protect children’s safety and track locations of luggage or pets; smart watches, smart bracelets, and smart rings for personal healthcare management, and others. Smart home products that connect technology to the daily life of people can improve living quality and protect home safety through smart home gateways to control home appliances and security systems at anywhere and anytime.
  • 5. Smart Healthcare Solutions:
  • In response to the global demand for e-health and the global trend of low fertility rate and population ageing, we provide smart healthcare solutions for hospitals and homes through resources integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) medical and IoT. For smart hospitals, we continue to enhance the “smart ward cloud caring system” that includes “smart healthcare infotainment terminal”, “smart medical cart”, and “smart nurse station whiteboard”, and the corresponding private cloud platforms to seamlessly connect with the hospital’s existing healthcare IT systems. For remote healthcare, we provide customized “smart tele-homecare system” based on different hospital needs that combines private cloud platform, machine learning, big data analysis, and software to form a complete tele-homecare and health management solution. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have adjusted the functions of the smart medical carts to integrate cloud computing technology to build an inter-hospital real-time collaborative diagnosis system. In AIoMT (Artificial Intelligence of Medical Things), we have developed smart wearables and smart diagnostic devices such as the “smart ECG/EKG”, “smart wireless intraoral camera”, and “smart wireless otoscope” equipped with various autonomous management functions. By integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), And Virtual Reality (VR) technologies, these solutions offer scalability and value-added services based on actual needs of hospitals and homes through highly integrated hardware and software solutions and the cloud-based architecture. Massive clinical data is instantly integrated and analyzed with AI applications to assist in medical decisions, to enhance healthcare service efficiency, to reduce medical costs, to improve care quality, and thereby to create bigger long-term commercial value.
  • 6. NGCO solutions for Telecommunication:
  • In response to the competition in the global deployment of commercial 5G, Quanta has long cultivated our development in the telecommunication cloud market, through teaming up with key technology partners in 5G ecosystem, we are able to realize the Next-Generation of Central Office (NGCO). Along with the development of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV), Quanta was able to enter the 5G ecosystem as a datacenter solution provider.
  • 7. Smart Manufacturing and Smart Factory Solutions:
  • The smart manufacturing system is built with the essence of technology and innovation in manufacturing. We incorporated sensor hubs and smart industrial gateways within the manufacturing system, coupled with smart control system and integrated with cloud computing architecture. The system enables real-time connection and information exchange among different types of equipment and partners, in order to better capture the operations of factories and the flow of supply and demand, thereby to enhance production efficiency and quality. Factory manufacturing capacity, cost control, and quality control have always been our core competency. Following the development of Industrial 4.0, the application and innovation of big data and AI, and the integration and connection between cloud computing and IoT devices, we are committed to promoting smart manufacturing and smart factory to keep strengthening our core competitiveness and to incorporate technology from relevant industries to our product development. At the same time, the implementation of AI application in datacenter, edge computing, and IOT devices is also gradually booming.
  • 8. AR/VR Display and Smart Glasses Solutions:
  • From desktops through notebook PCs to tablets, it is expected that smart glasses and Optical Head-Mounted Displays (OHMDs) will be the next-generation of computing platforms. Quanta started to invest in these technology ahead of its peers, including deployment of R&D resources and production in key optical modules for near eye display and the technology integration required for OHMD manufacture. Our target is to stay ahead of competitors in AR/VR fields. After years of deployment, the production lines for AR head-mounted displays (HMDs) and optical modules have been completed and small volume production has also been shipped. We have also expanded the deployment of various technology platforms and cultivated relationships with vendors for core chips and waveguides, as well as branded customers to achieve our leadership position in the field of AR/VR applications.