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  • Quanta possesses industry-leading data center product lines to offer a comprehensive portfolio of servers, storage devices and network switches, leveraging its rich experiences in product development, manufacturing, integration and optimization to help its data center customers meet next-generation design and operational challenges, as well as to build public, private and hybrid clouds for cloud service providers and telecom operators.
QuantaGrid Series
  • The QuantaGrid series is composed of high-performance single-node servers ideal for granularity and optimized for tackling a variety of modern data center workloads. Many of the QuantaGrid models can be customized to meet changing compute and storage needs for enterprises as well as cloud service providers with thoughtful engineering designs.
QuantaPlex Series
  • The QuantaPlex series is a highly sophisticated, multi-node design that delivers extremely high density and computing performance. The shared infrastructure solution provides the flexibility to set up different workloads such as large-scale data computing, data storage and business critical applications, while maximizing space savings and augmenting cooling and energy efficiency to reduce TCO.
QuantaMicro Series
  • Dedicated to attaining high-density, cost efficiency, energy efficiency, and low-power measurements, QuantaMicro is Quanta's first complete microserver line best suited for a growing number of hyperscale workloads found inside modern data centers.
QuantaEdge Series
  • The QuantaEdge series offers a dynamic edge server spectrum from on-premises edge to regional edge and from Open RAN based Telco infra to enterprise private network. Quanta COTS servers feature high flexibility, expandability, minimized power consumption and a small hardware footprint, tailor-made for network function disaggregation and virtualization to realize zero touch provisioning.
QoolRack Series
  • QCT QoolRack offers a flexible and scalable thermal optimized solution for higher power CPUs that require cooler system demands. The solution significantly reduces power usage efficiency to lower the overall PUE and decrease operating expenses (OPEX) to bring down total cost of ownership (TCO) over a system’s lifecycle when compared to traditional air-cooled infrastructures.
QuantaMesh Series
  • The QuantaMesh product lines of Ethernet and Bare Metal Switches (BMS) features low latency, low power consumption, high density, and high-port count characteristics as well as redundant power supplies and hot-plug fan designs to provide the market with the very best data center network solutions.