Company Organization Structure

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1.Organization Chart

2.Key Department Functions
Department Major Functions
President’s Office
  • Implementation and execution of the Company’s overall organizational business, sales and production, as well as operational targets.
Information Security Center
  • Manage the Group’s information security policies, standards and planning.
  • Raise information security awareness, implement management mechanisms, examine implementation results, and promote the Group’s information security tasks and culture.
Audit Committee
  • Supervise the fair presentation of the Company’s financial statements; the selection/dismissal, independency, and performance of CPAs; the effective implementation of internal control; legal compliance; and the control of existing or underlying risks.
Remuneration Committee
  • Establish and periodically review the policy, system, standard, and structure of performance evaluation and the remuneration for directors and management team.
  • Periodically access and determine the remuneration for directors and management team.
Audit Team
  • Audit and evaluate internal control system and provide recommendation based on analysis and assessment.
  • Facilitate effective control with a reasonable cost and assess quality improvement.
BGM  Business Unit
  • Supervise the operations of related products and businesses in specific market segmentation.
BGD Business Unit
  • Supervise the operations of related products and businesses in specific market segmentation.
BGC Business Unit
  • Supervise the operations of related products and businesses in specific market segmentation.
BGS Business Unit
  • Design and manufacture of mechanical modules.
ID Design Center
  • Product industrial design.
Product Design Center (PDC)
  • Product technical support.
Manufacturing Site
  • Administer various management affairs of Company’s manufacturing sites in China.
  • Supervise the implementation of logistic management to ensure smooth operation of production plans.
  • Supervise the manufacturing sites to optimize overall efficiency of production units
  • Manage external public affairs, cooperate image, media relations and organization of PR and marketing activities.
Administration Office
  • Collect and analyze various data on production plan and financial analysis as a reference for business operation.
  • Planning and implementation of construction affairs.
  • Administer legal affairs.
  • Planning and operation of financial and accounting affairs, including fund management, account management and tax affairs.
  • Planning and implementation of human resources management systems.
  • Integration and planning of management information systems.
  • Maintenance of hardware equipment on promise to provide employees with a safe work environment.
Quality Assurance Center
  • Execute QA objectives, administer the operation of quality assurance system and management of quality control and customer services.
Procurement Center
  • Procure high-quality and low-cost materials that satisfy market needs.
Overseas Business Unit
  • Overseas business establishment and expansion.
Quanta Research Institute (QRI)
  • Plan the direction for new product development.
  • Provide necessary support for introducing new products to the market.