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  • Quanta Computer was established in 1988 and listed in TWSE in 1999. Qanta is one of the Global Fortune 500 Companies and also the leader in worldwide notebook manufacturing, as well as a leading solution provider in cloud computing. Our product lines expand across various fields in information and communications, consumer electronics, cloud computing, smart home solutions, smart automobile solutions, smart healthcare, and AIoT, etc. Centered around computing design as the foundation of our core technology capability, we continue to innovate in the era of data economics, and integrate relevant resources to proactively expand market potentials and explore business opportunities.
  • Quanta’s manufacturing and service locations are across Asia, Americas, and Europe, etc. Centered around Taiwan as the R&D center, we collaborate closely with manufacturing sites around the globe. Integrating innovative R&D and smart manufacturing technology to enhance factory efficiency, thereby building world-class competitive edge in manufacturing and sales.
  • While innovative R&D capabilities is the core competence of Quanta, we maximize the effectiveness of R&D capabilities through leveraging various aspects of technology, application, and products to synchronize development and integration. Pending on the progress of R&D, the R&D planning comprises different phases of Advanced R&D, Corporate R&D, and Business Unit (BU) R&D. Advanced R&D focuses on long-term research & development in products that can be commercialized in three years or longer through collaboration with the academia to achieve academia-industry collaboration. Corporate R&D focuses on medium-term research development in products that can be commercialized in one and a half years to three-year’ time frame. Business Unit R&D focuses on short-term product planning that can be commercialized in less than one and a half years. We aim to strengthen Quanta’s R&D capacity through comprehensive planning in long-term, medium-term, and short-term R&D phases. Doing so will enable Quanta to become the leader in providing “Tools for SMART X” in the era of AI.
  • To realize the core believe of Quanta, “human-centric automated services”, we actively engage in developing innovative technology, including the development and quality improvement of advanced and high-performance sever related technologies, as well as integration of products and technology in AIoT. We further extend our reach to emerging areas of cloud computing solutions, AI applications, 5G next-generation telecommunication technology, smart wearables, smart home applications, smart mobility, smart healthcare, and smart manufacturing, etc. We leverage customized solutions to cultivate new customers and provide customers with best products and service value.
  • Quanta has been recognized for the "Derwent Top 100 Global Innovators" since FY2019. The recognition is conducted by the research institute, Clarivate Analytics, who identifies enterprises and institutes for the top 100 innovators based on two criteria, more than 500 inventions filed since FY2000 and more than 100 inventions granted in the 2023 five-year evaluation window. Clarivate then evaluates all inventions with an invention strength that is a combined score across influence, success, globalization, and rarity to determine the sustainability of innovators and the scale of innovations. Top 100 companies around the world are selected to receive the “Top 100 Global Innovator” awards. The consecutive recognition of Quanta Computer’s achievement in innovation shows the Company’s long term investment in R&D and solid performance in continuous innovation are widely recognized by the market.
  • In the next generation of applications constructed by the convergence of Super Computing and Hyper Connectivity, accelerated innovations in various technological products and services are inescapable, and thereby will significantly improve the quality of human life and productivity. Quanta upholds the sustainable corporate vision of “Innovative Technology Benefit All Mankind”, we will lead the innovation of technological products and upgrades of manufacturing technology through foresight, continue to provide the market with high quality, flexible, and rapidly responsive product design and manufacturing solutions. While we continue to work closely with business partners in the supply chain from upstream to downstream, we strive to achieve sustainable growth and create win-win cooperation.