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  • Established in 1988, Quanta Computer is one of the world’s leading notebook manufacturers. Aside from our leadership position in notebook manufacturing business, we have extended our reach to cloud computing business, enterprise network solutions, mobile communications products, smart home products, autotronics, smart healthcare, IoT, and AI applications to proactively expand the integrated deployment of our operations and explore new business opportunities.
  • Apart from being one of the Fortune 500 companies, we are also an important notebook ODM manufacturer in the world, with production and service locations across Asia, North America, Latin America, and Europe. Our product lines are across information, communications, consumer electronics, and cloud computing areas. We also actively developing our main operational center in Taiwan, and integrate manufacturing sites in Americas, Europe, and Asia, thereby achieving our strong competitiveness in global manufacturing and sales.
  • With innovation and R&D capabilities as our core competence, we proactively diversify into non-notebook products and focus on raising the proportion of other products. With the “new 3C” technologies, Cloud Computing, Connectivity Technology, and Client Devices, as the foundation of our development, we integrate big data management to develop a complete ecosystem for artificial intelligence (AI) tools. We are devoted into becoming a leading system solution provider in all application fields of the AI economy. To realize “humanized automation service”, we actively engage in the development of innovative technology, including advanced and high-performance sever technologies, integration of products and technology in quality improvement and IoT. We further extend our reach to emerging areas, including cloud computing solution, AI application, 5G next-generation telecommunication technology, smart wearable, smart home application, smart mobility, smart healthcare, and smart manufacturing. We cultivate new customers with customized solutions and provide customers with the best product and service value.
  • Our global deployment is centered around the principle of “Taiwan design, smart manufacturing, global logistics and sales”. Based on the two main production trends of mass production with centralized management and just-in-time distribution, we have built high-efficiency production sites in Shanghai, Changshu, and Chongqing in mainland China. In addition, we have established manufacturing sites and maintenance locations in Taiwan, the U.S., and Europe to complete the top-down integration. Therefore, we can achieve the goal of effective cost control and producing products that meet the economies of scale. Furthermore, by teaming with other overseas production sites, we provide services with proximity to customers and market, and assemble products based on different customer requirements. Not only can we shorten production lead-time and reduce transportation cost, but we can also meet the actual needs of customers.
  • The trend of continuous innovation in products led by world-leading branded companies drives the technology upgrade for the entire supply chain. As a smart manufacturing service provider of electronic products, we follow closely the footstep of product innovation and technology upgrade of global high-tech products to improve product quality and increase flexibility. Doing so, we can build long-term and stable partnerships with customers with fast responding manufacturing services and grasp the key to continuous growth in business. Therefore, apart from robust R&D capacity, we spare no effort to optimize production technology, improve product quality, and enhance yield rate through equipment upgrade and automation enhancement, in order to ensure the stability of manufacturing quality, technology upgrade, and maintain leadership position in the sector.