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  • Established in 1988, Quanta Computer is the largest notebook computer ODM company in the world. With leading technology and strong R&D capability, Quanta has become a leader in hi-tech markets and the best partner providing quality design and manufacturing services to top-notched brands worldwide. In recent years, Quanta continues to focus on advancing our core business, aside from introducing light-weight and fully equipped notebook computers, the Company also introduces more advanced high performance servers in response to the increasing needs in cloud computing industry. Moreover, the Company further invests in Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR) areas to capture new market opportunities. Quanta also begins to develop solutions leveraging advanced technology in medical field to further diversify current business model and aggressively devote more resources in new fields and advanced technology.
  • "Rooted in Taiwan with broad vision and aggressive expansion in the global market" is Quanta's strategy for long-term growth development. With "Quanta Research & Development Complex" (QRDC) as our global headquarters and the center of dynamics, we integrated worldwide resources in technology to ensure that Quanta Computer Inc. has technological advantages to design, develop, and manufacture high value-added products and solutions for customers. In addition, we have established operation centers across Asia, America, and Europe to manufacture, configure, and service products as well as to provide logistic supports to deliver products and services competitively everywhere in the world.
  • Quanta Computer has over 90,000 employees worldwide, of which over 5,000 people are located in headquarters with the majority working in R&D and engineering development. QRDC, inaugurated in late 2005, is a symbol of Quanta's long-term deep-rooted investment in Taiwan. As an intelligent building, QRDC has three major functions, including R&D, humanity and arts, as well as educational and leisure activities. The facility is also equipped with laboratories, stadium seating art performance hall—"Quanta Hall", library, art gallery, gym and swimming pool. The construction of QRDC with advanced facility meets our goal to harmonize humanity and technology. Capable of accommodating up to 7,000 employees, QRDC is unprecedented in the information industry in Taiwan in terms of architectural designs, space planning, intelligent functions and size.
  • Quanta Computer continues to seek innovation and strives to exceed excellence through innovative product design, core technology advancement, and expansion into Non-NB product development. Quanta Computer is vastly invested in research & development with focuses on product innovation to further advance our competitive edge. In recent years, we have continuously demonstrate our innovative thinking in various areas, including cloud computing technology, servers, high definition video conferencing systems, smart automobile solutions, smart home, wearable devices, smart medical solutions, 3D images, and satellite technology. Furthermore, many intellectual property rights were granted to the aforementioned technology, while we expect to commercialize those innovative ideas in the future. Quanta Computer constantly demonstrates expertise and excellence in notebook manufacturing technology and innovative product design. Leveraging our advantages and resources accumulated in notebook PC industry, Quanta Computer has successfully diversified product portfolio to predominate future business growth.
  • With 30 years of history, the company continues to seek innovation to stay ahead of the fast moving technology industry. To act upon our ideology of “Innovation, Change and Transcend”, leveraging our positive attitude to tackle challenges ahead through continuous exploration and strong desire to excel. We believe doing so would inspire better product design and innovations. Hard work brings prosperity. Through hard working, mindful thinking and non-quitting spirit, fruitful outcome should eventually be realized. Opportunities may vanish at any second, employees at Quanta should think of themselves as sponges to continue to absorb new knowledge, to think fast and to continuously challenge ourselves. Be well prepared so we can seize the opportunity when it comes. With strong dedication and hard working spirit from the entire Company, together we can achieve greater success and continue to accelerate Company value.