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  • Quanta officially changed the name of the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee to the ESG Sustainability Committee in 2021, there are four sub-committees under its jurisdiction, include Corporate Governance and Business of Ethics Committee, Environmental Protection Committee, Green Product Committee, and Social Participation Committee. The senior executives of relevant units are the management representatives, the human resources and social responsibility management units are responsible for coordinating the operation and reporting of the social responsibility system.
  • The committee is based on RBA's integrity and ethics related regulations to formulate relevant measures to improve integrity management and regularly review the implementation status. Relevant high-ranking executives will serve as management representatives, and the human resources and social responsible management units are responsible for coordinating the operations and reports of CSR system. Each sub-committee will hold a meeting for every six months regularly in order to review the implementation results and follow-up implementation plans. Additionally, the "CSR Committee" Joint Meetings will also be held to provide a comprehensive review and discussion and to strengthen the promotion of ESG, expecting to achieve international integration.
  • The ESG annual report is verified by a third-party, the main deficiencies and suggestions are included. Except for regular and irregular briefing meetings for senior executives to discuss, the annual report will be published after being approved by the board of directors and posted on the official website. Stakeholders can use the Quanta official website / company information / stakeholder information /communication channels to submit their opinions or inquiries for CSR or business conduct, which are offered in three languages: traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, and English.
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