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  • The Sustainability Steering Committee of Quanta reports to the Board of Directors quarterly on the implementation of the Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Verification Timetable Plan and prepares the strategic direction of next year's sustainability at the end of each year, which will serve as the basis for the sustainability policies, systems, or related management guidelines and specific promotion plans. At the end of each year, the Company prepares a sustainable development strategy direction for the following year, which serves as the basis for sustainable development policies, systems, or related management guidelines and specific promotion plans, and executes them after the Board of Directors' resolution; at the same time, the Company reports on the operation and implementation of sustainable development (including the results of the evaluation of the identification of labor and business ethics, and the plan for improvement) for the current year. In addition, at the end of each year, the Board of Directors will report on the status of stakeholder identification and communication to the Board of Directors most recently in the following year.
  • The "ESG Sustainable Development Steering Committee" has five sub-committees, which are the "Corporate Governance and Ethics Committee", "Environmental Protection Committee", and "Social Participation Committee". Given the growing concern over climate change, the "Climate Change Management Committee" has been established, with senior executives of relevant units as management representatives, to summarize matters related to climate change, such as greenhouse inventories, carbon-reduction policies and actions, and the recycling economy. Meanwhile, to cope with the increase in work items and the related auditing process of sustainable management of suppliers, the scope of responsibility of the former "Green Product Committee" has been renamed as the "Green Product and Supplier Sustainability Management Committee", which has expanded the scope to include green product management and the sustainable management of suppliers.
  • In addition, to effectively promote sustainability and enhance ESG performance, the project functional groups, which were previously a cross-departmental collaboration among various units, have been upgraded to a dedicated department "Sustainable Development Center", which has responsibility for the overall management of the Group's sustainability affairs and to report to General Manager, integrating the sustainability work of various plants and business divisions, and being directly responsible to the General Manager's Office for the active promotion of ESG affairs.
  • The executive committees hold regular meetings every six months to review the implementation results and follow-up implementation plans. In addition, a joint meeting of the "ESG Sustainable Development Committee" is held to conduct a comprehensive review and discussion to strengthen the promotion of ESG to keep pace with international standards.