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Vision and Mission

  • Quanta firmly believes in technology as the driving force behind the advancement of human society and is committed to technological innovation with the goal of improving the lives of people. In addition to returning the fruits of our labor to society, shareholders, and employees, we actively communicate and interact with all stakeholders to create a better society and fulfill our corporate citizenship obligations in sustainable development.
  • Our Vision: Technological innovation to benefit all mankind.
  • Our Mission: Being people-focused, environmentally responsible, green and sustainable, and commitment to fostering a caring society.
  • The direction we are moving in:
  • Being people-focused:To achieve our core values of sustainable development include operating with integrity, giving our employees priority, and respecting both human rights and diversity.
  • Being environmentally responsible:We are dedicated to achieving environmental sustainability, continuous waste reduction investment, and environmental protection.
  • Being green and sustainable:Our design and production processes are undergirded with both safety and environmental protection as top considerations; we also maximize the efficient use of resources and reinforce risk management and control to drive the sustainable development of our supply chain.
  • Commitment to fostering a caring society:By combining the company's resources to promote cultural equality through education, art, and technology, we are committed to growing together with all stakeholders in pursuit of the common good.