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  • As an official RBA (Formerly the EICC - Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition) member, it is the responsibility for Quanta Computer to comply with the announced RBA code of conduct in the process of product design, product manufacture, product sales, and the provisions of after-sales services to customers. The Company is committed to comply with the following CSR standards.
  • I. CSR commitment
  • We are committed to:
    • No use of child labor, and does not accept its suppliers or subcontractors to use child labor.
    • Respect employee's freedom, prohibit any forms of forced labor,and does not accept its suppliers or subcontractors to use forced labor.
    • Provide safe and healthy work and living conditions, ensure employees' safety and health.
    • Promote cooperation between the labor and capital, respect employees' opinions.
    • Provide equal and fair working environments, and prohibit any forms of discrimination.
    • Respect employees' basic human rights, and prohibit any forms of insulting behavior.
    • Arrange production schedule, employee's working time and rest time reasonably.
    • Provide reasonable salaries and benefits, which can at least satisfy employee's basic needs.
    • Respect employee's right to associate freely and bargain collectively.
    • Comply with the universal enterprise ethic standards.
  • When suppliers supply products or services to Quanta or our affiliates, we request that suppliers support and comply with our CSR policy and the RBA code of conduct. We also audit our suppliers from time to time to ensure suppliers comply with our CSR standards.
  • II. Ratio of employees protected by the Collective Agreement Act
  • Quanta values communication with employees. Despite absence of unions in Quanta (including QRDC,QTMC,QCMC,QMB), the Company convenes quarterly labor management/welfare committee meetings and has communication channels such as opinion box, hotline, grievance email etc. in place. Employees are also encouraged to use the above channels for communication.
  • In QSMC, Quanta has unions established ,and all employees are union members. Quanta and the union (QSMC) signed a number of collective bargaining agreements on April 25, 2019 to address matters relating to union, wages and female workers, and thereby protects interests of both the Company and its employees.
  • III.Responsible minerals sourcing
    • Quanta recognizes that there is a risk that the mining, trading, processing and exporting of tungsten, tantalum, tin, gold, cobalt and other minerals in conflict affected and high-risk areas may have a significant negative impact, and recognizes that the enterprise has the obligation to respect human rights and not contribute to conflict, and we adopt and widely promote the responsible sourcing policy for ores in conflict affected and high-risk areas. We undertake not to engage in any activities that would finance the deterioration of society, environment and human rights.
    • As a member of RBA / RMI, our responsible minerals sourcing due diligence is carried out in accordance with OECD due diligence guidance for minerals, RMI framework and customer requirements, requiring smelters / refineries upstream of the supply chain to actively participate in third-party (RMI / LBMA) certification, conveying the responsible sourcing policy to suppliers and requiring suppliers to meet the policy requirements.
  • IV. Compliance
  • Our Commitments:
    • Compliance with SA8000(Social Accountability 8000)、RBA(RBA Code of Conduct)standards
    • Compliance with related international laws, national and local laws and regulations.
    • Support and respect relevant international labor and human rights, including International Labor Organization‘s Tripartite Declaration of Principles, Organization for Economic cooperation and Development's Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, the United Nations Global Compact, etc.
  • V. Business Ethics
  • Quanta has created, Guidelines for Ethical Corporate Management, Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles, and Guidelines for Codes of Ethical Conduct that can be reviewed at Quanta Computer’s official website / Corporate Governance / Major Internal Policies ( .
  • The Code of Ethical Business Conduct requires all employees to have integrity and be trustworthy, and includes a list of rules for corporate governance and employees. The Human Resource Center will oversee the state of the Company, and check the need to adjust, revise, or expand the Code of Conduct. The revised Code shall be approved by the General Manager and announced on the intranet and include a declaration of avoid conflict interest before being implemented accordingly.
  • Quanta will remind corporate governance members and employees to read and sign the Code of Ethical Business Conduct online to indicate compliance. In addition, we hope that customers, suppliers, business partners, and other parties having business with us to understand and support the Code. Therefore, we request 50 specific suppliers to sign the “Supplier’s Statement of Conformity with Quanta RBA Code of Conduct.” The Company also ensures their acquisition of RBA VAP audit report or their arrangement of on-site examination.
  • All of the employees shall be alert to any activity against the Code of Conduct. Should they have any questions or find any activity against the Code of Conduct, they shall be obligated to report to their executive officers. If necessary, they may report to the HR executive officer or internal audit manager, or via the employees’ complaining channel. Quanta will protect the complainant from unfair retaliation or treatment in the process of the investigation in which the complainant participates upon his/her complaint about the misconduct.
  • VI. Work Environment and Employee Safety Protection
  • Providing employees with a healthy work environment and promote physical health are our commitments to employees. Apart from building a healthy work environment, we provide fully-equipped gym facilities, clinic centers for basic medical care, and actively promote various health awareness activities, including physical fitness, talks on health care, and stress relief therapy. We also promote comprehensive club activities to enhance employees’ physical strength and to provide care for employees physical and psychological needs.
  • In creating supportive environments for employees’ safety and health, we ensure all equipment and facilities comply with respective safety standards and provide a pleasant work environment that includes interior temperature, humidity, lighting, air quality, and noise level control. Specific measurements include clean environment, safe drinking water, periodically clean and disinfect the cooling system and water tank of the central air-conditioning system, as well as provide accessible facilities.
  • The Company has established the “Environmental Policy”, “OSH Policy,” and “GHG Management Policy” as standard procedures for work environment safety and employee protection:
    1. Environmental Policy —
      Quanta Computers is one of the global leaders in ODM/OEM industry for its R&D, design, manufacture and service capabilities. Waste gases, sewage, and wastes are the main sources of environmental impacts for the Company. To protect the environment, all employees are committed and willing to give full cooperation to fulfill our environmental protection responsibilities for pollution prevention and continual improvement. In addition to applying for certification of compliance with ISO 14001 and other relevant environmental protection certificates, the Company proactively promotes green products and recycling mechanism in order to meet the stringent standard of RoHs environmental protection system. The Company is fully devoted into fulfilling our role in social responsibility as a member of the global village.( ISO14001 Certificate)
    2. Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Policy —
      The Company has designated management team responsible for Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) management with key objectives in OSH compliance, risk management, companywide participation, strengthened communication, continual improvement, and zero hazard. The Company is ISO45001 certified and key executions in OSH are summarized as follows:
      • Dedicated Medical Care Centers: all sites are equipped with an on-site medical care center with health care professionals on duty to keep track of employees’ health at all times. We further provide employees with periodic health examinations conducted by well-established professional healthcare organizations in Taiwan and keep track of any abnormal health conditions.
      • Implementation of OSH Education and Training: new hires are fully educated on OSH subjects to effectively reduce occupational injuries and to ensure occupational safety. Periodic drills on fire and emergency evacuation, as well as fire safety inspection are performed to implement risk management. Apart from periodic inspection of various safety measures and equipment, the Company also implements fire prevention planning, organizes fire prevention task force, and performs usage drills on fire equipment. Furthermore, the Company complies with relevant laws to execute implementation of self-guard fire prevention task force, fire reporting training, emergency evacuation drills, emergency rescue training, and fire safety talks to enforce disaster prevention and ensure employee safety.
    3. Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) Management Policy —
      Global climate and environmental change as a result of greenhouse gases (GHGs) has been deteriorating. It is our responsibility to protect the environment and to treasure the Earth as a responsible corporate citizen of the Earth. The Company’s specific efforts are highlighted in the following area:
      • − Implement GHG inventory to capture the condition of GHG emissions.
      • − Further initiate voluntary GHG emission reduction measures based on the inventory results.
      • − Continue to promote and support measures for energy conservation, carbon reduction, sustainability implementation, and to fulfill corporate social responsibilities.
      • − Comply with relevant laws and regulations, customer requirements, and other related protocols in environmental protection.
    4. Policy of Energy—
      The Quanta upholds the faith of coexisting with the earth, deeply aware of the limited resources of the earth and the importance of sustainable development of company, based on the recognition of energy conservation and carbon reduction, improvement of energy efficiency and the fulfillment of corporate social responsibilities, the company promises to:
      • Implement an energy management system to satisfy customer energy requirements.
      • Comply with energy-related laws and regulations and priority to purchasing energy-saving products.
      • Improve energy efficiency and reduce improper waste of energy.
      • Implement energy conservation activities to achieve corporate social responsibility.
      • Promote the concept of energy conservation and implement the spirit of energy management.
    5. Quanta is devoted into minimizing environmental impacts through production process improvement, legal disposal of hazardous waste, and establishment of designated unit responsible for waste disposal from each site in the Hwa Ya Technology Park. We strive to comply with the RoHS and other international environmental regulations. Key environmental protection projects in the future will include expenses on the renewal and upgrading of existing energy conservation equipment, operation costs of energy conservation equipment, fees for waste disposal, and fees for environmental monitoring, etc. In compliance with the Energy Administration Act to establish energy saving objectives and implementation plans to achieve annual energy savings of 1% or more. As well as the autonomous regulations on developing Taoyuan City as a low-carbon-emission and green city, the site utilized more than ten percent of contract volume in solar power, wind power or other means of green energy and energy conservation equipment as its target.